Photography Competition

One World Leeds
is proud to announce
a photography competition

The theme is “Bringing the World to Leeds”. It therefore could be:

  • A world event happening in Leeds (e.g. Carnival / Tour de France)
  • A Leeds person somewhere in the World (e.g. someone travelling abroad)
  • An image or abstract that illustrates the theme (e.g. Leeds City Hall covered in world flags)
  • An image of world culture in Leeds (e.g. World food being served in Leeds / international football shirts for sale in Leeds market)
  • An image of world people in Leeds (e.g. overseas students arriving in Leeds or immigrants living in Leeds)
  • Your own interpretation of the theme. Don’t be limited by our ideas!

1st prize is £50 cash, and your photo on the front cover of One World Leeds printed magazine

5 runner up prizes of £10 cash, and your photo in One World Leeds magazine

The winning entry will be

  1. Eye catching
  2. Original
  3. Self-explanatory
  4. Link to Leeds (the photographer lives in or comes from Leeds, the photograph is in Leeds, or the content of the photo relates to Leeds in a wider world context)

We are particularly interested in receiving images of persons or people – although you will need to gain their explicit consent from each person in the photo (see section 3 of our terms and conditions)

 The closing date has been extended to Monday 15th September

Terms and conditions

  1. All entries should be your own original work
  2. All images should be of sufficient quality (at least a 3 megapixel camera like an iphone 3s)
  3. You can enter as many photos as you like
  4. If the subject of your photo
    • clearly shows someone’s face
    • and the photo has not been taken in a public place
    • then that person must give permission for their image to be used by Whoever appears in your photo needs to understand that your picture (and their image) may also appear on the internet, and seen by people all over the world.  We need you to confirm that each person in the photo is happy for this to happen before we can accept your photograph
  5. By entering you give consent for any winning photo to be used by on its website or in its printed publications using a creative commons sharealike license.  This means anyone can use your photo so long as they credit you, and do not use it commercially.
  6. The judges decision will be final
  7. One World Leeds retains the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time – but will not use your photos without consent as specified in term number 5.
  8. One World Leeds retains the right to award less or no prizes if no photographs meet the criteria.

Entries should be submitted by email to photo @ by midnight on 15th September. Please include your name, a one-line explanation of how the photo links to Leeds and consent information if the photographs contain people’s faces.

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