Immigration // Représentation Festival

Immigration //Représentation is a new initiative by French, Cultural and Communication students at the University of Leeds exploring and challenging representations of immigration in francophone cinema.

Throughout March they will host a series of free film screening on the Leeds University campus as well as research workshops exploring contemporary representations of immigration. The festival will culminate with an free event at the surreal setting that is Temple Work Leeds with art installations, live performances and interactive workshops celebrating how people can represent themselves.

Tonight’s opening screening was Finnish director Aki Karismäki’s ‘Le Havre’ (2009), on the subject of Arrivals. Further screening will be ‘Les Arrivants’ on the theme of Adaptation and ‘La vierge, les coptes et moi’ on the subject of Return. You can find more information of these films what is happening at the Immigration //Représentation blog, which also publishes pieces about individuals own experiences and anyone can contribute!

Follow Immigration //Représentation on facebook and twitter for upcoming events and check out the festival programme below.

 Immigration //Représentation programme
















Rodolfo Barradas

Rodolfo studies History & Italian at the University of Leeds and is interested in languages, words and everything remotely cultural. He occasionally tweets @RodolfoBarradas

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