Home Office policy on asylum support is unlawful

Asylum seekers are given so little in benefit that they cannot meet their essential living needs and the High Court has ordered the Secretary of State to rethink the decision not to increase support rates.

Refugee Action’s research found that almost 40% of asylum seekers waiting for an initial decision on their asylum claim, do not have enough money to buy adequate food to feed themselves and their dependants and two thirds of lone parents could not buy baby products such as nappies, formula milk or bottles.

Last month a High Court Judge  stated in his ruling that Secretary of State, Theresa May’s decision to freeze the rates of support for asylum seekers was ‘flawed’ and that she had failed to include essentials, had not considered whether items were essential, made errors, failed to take account of inflation, misunderstood statistics, failed to gather information and misdirected herself in law.

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