Email your councillor asking them to support Leeds receiving Syrian refugees

Leeds Civic Hall

Leeds Civic Hall – David Dixon, CC BY-SA 2.0

If you are not sure then click here to find out who your Councillors are.

Then simply click on the link below and your email will be set up ready for you to personalise and send. It will also be set up to send a blind copy to One World Leeds so that we know you have sent it.

Thanks – your help can make a huge difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable in the world.



Councillor Javaid Akhtar
Councillor Barry Anderson
Councillor Bernard Atha CBE
Councillor Jonathan Bentley
Councillor Sue Bentley
Councillor Ann Blackburn
Councillor David Blackburn
Councillor Judith Blake
Councillor Karen Bruce
Councillor Neil Buckley
Councillor Colin Campbell
Councillor Andrew Carter
Councillor John Leslie Carter
Councillor Ann Castle
Councillor Judith Chapman
Councillor Rebecca Charlwood
Councillor Brian Cleasby
Councillor Dan Cohen
Councillor Dawn Collins
Councillor David Congreve
Councillor Mick Coulson
Councillor Debra Coupar
Councillor Judith Cummins
Councillor Patrick Davey
Councillor Neil Dawson
Councillor Mark Dobson
Councillor Ryk Downes
Councillor Jane Dowson
Councillor Jack Dunn
Councillor Judith Elliott
Councillor Robert Finnigan
Councillor Clive Fox
Councillor Angela Gabriel
Councillor Bob Gettings JP – sorry no email
Councillor Stewart Golton
Councillor Pauleen Grahame
Councillor Ronald Grahame – sorry no email
Councillor Kim Groves
Councillor Caroline Gruen – sorry no email
Councillor Peter Gruen
Councillor Martin Hamilton
Councillor Sharon Hamilton
Councillor Ted Hanley
Councillor John Hardy
Councillor Roger Harington
Councillor Mary Harland
Councillor Gerry Harper
Councillor Janet Harper
Councillor Peter Harrand
Councillor Arif Hussain
Councillor Ghulam Hussain
Councillor Graham Hyde
Councillor John Illingworth
Councillor Maureen Ingham
Councillor Mohammed Iqbal
Councillor Josephine Jarosz
Councillor Asghar Khan
Councillor Alan Lamb
Councillor Graham Latty
Councillor Pat Latty
Councillor Sandy Lay
Councillor Thomas Leadley
Councillor James Lewis
Councillor Richard Lewis
Councillor Alison Lowe
Councillor Michael Lyons OBE
Councillor Christine Macniven
Councillor Kamila Maqsood
Councillor Joseph Marjoram
Councillor Andrea McKenna
Councillor James McKenna
Councillor Katherine Mitchell
Councillor Vonnie Morgan
Councillor Lisa Mulherin
Councillor Thomas Murray
Councillor David Nagle
Councillor Elizabeth Nash
Councillor Adam Ogilvie
Councillor John Procter
Councillor Rachael Procter
Councillor Mohammed Rafique
Councillor Karen Renshaw
Councillor Matthew Robinson
Councillor Brian Selby
Councillor Alex Sobel
Councillor Neil Taggart
Councillor Eileen Taylor
Councillor Christine Towler
Councillor Chris Townsley
Councillor Paul Truswell
Councillor Bill Urry
Councillor Shirley Varley
Councillor Paul Wadsworth
Councillor Keith Wakefield
Councillor Janette Walker
Councillor Neil Walshaw
Councillor Gerald Wilkinson
Councillor Rod Wood
Councillor Lucinda Yeadon

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